Increasing Product Value Over Time

Grow Product Value Ladder

Continuous growth in the value of a product, service or other goods is a goal every long-term business strives to achieve. Businesses can grow product value via value ladders to cater to every customer and increase sales value with each transaction. While it is important to sell, it is absolutely essential to build and maintain trust in your ecosystem. Developing a value ladder can help.


Digital Media Marketing Gets Higher ROI

facebook grows small business

Social media is among the most essential tools affecting business success. However, its instantaneous nature can boost business growth or cause a plummet in a matter of hours.The accessibility and reach potential of social media grows small business like never before. Similar advertisements on traditional versus social media channels can have different results. Here is a breakdown to help guide the options. (more…)

Guiding Business Growth With Sales Funnels

Websites have become a cornerstone of successful businesses as more consumers log on to shop and gain new information. Building your website comes with a lot of decision making such as the type of website to create. There are companies who design content-based websites to simply provide information. If you have a service or goods to sell, your site would typically have encourage visitors to take specific actions across one or more landing pages. Website developers have the skill set to code, market, design and manage an entire site from scratch. Not every business has the time, money or people to fill this position. Clickfunnels are designed for business growth you can not only achieve, but also create and manage yourself.


How to Target Audiences on Facebook

Target Facebook Ads

With over 2 billion users on Facebook, your next social media campaign has the ability to reach the right audience for your business. Understanding who your target consumers are on Facebook prior to launching the campaign will increase total reach and strengthen your ROI on that promotion. Don’t spend money on a broad audience with little engagement when you can expose your brand to a smaller audience actually interested in your goods or services. Below are the options available on Facebook to determine who sees your posts or videos. This will help give you a better idea of how to target your Facebook posts to your audience.