With over 2 billion users on Facebook, your next social media campaign has the ability to reach the right audience for your business. Understanding who your target consumers are on Facebook prior to launching the campaign will increase total reach and strengthen your ROI on that promotion. Don’t spend money on a broad audience with little engagement when you can expose your brand to a smaller audience actually interested in your goods or services. Below are the options available on Facebook to determine who sees your posts or videos. This will help give you a better idea of how to target your Facebook posts to your audience.

Targeting Options

There are a variety of options available to customize each post on the News Feed so that only a select few on Facebook can actually view the content. News Feed Targeting on Facebook gives you the following options:

  • Interests targeting: Makes your content visible to people who have similar interests to your page or who “Like” pages related to your goods/services or industry. This can include competitors. Entry examples include keywords, locations, hobbies etc.
  • Demographics targeting: One of the most obvious and readily available option remains critical. For each post or video, you can select an age range of users you would like to target as well as their language, gender and location. This type of targeting will make that piece of content only visible to the specifications you enter. If you really know your consumer, take it a step further with Facebook and target content based on marital status or education level.

Like with most email marketing tools, Facebook also gives you the option to make Custom Audiences. Typical lists consist of people who:

  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Made a purchase on the website
  • Frequently engage with your page/site

Facebook posts can also be targeted to lookalike audiences. This list of users comprise of people who have a lot in common with one of your saved audiences. The more concise the audience list is, the better results will be when it comes to engagement and impressions. When it comes to launching Facebook ads, you can save time by creating saved audiences now.

Facebook Tools to Find Audiences

Now that there’s groundwork for how to target on Facebook, here’s where you need to go to find the people to target.

As if you are researching your competitors, type in the search bar on Facebook to research what appears first. Enter keywords or phrases associated with your business. For example, If your company specializes in custom pottery, you search history can include:

  • “Pages liked by people who like custom pottery”
  • “Interests of people who like custom pottery”

This can serve as a brief overview including specific people, posts, groups and pages to target. One of the most useful and FREE tools is Facebook Audience Insights. This tool is based on an interest and breaks down Facebook users’ demographics, location and other pages they like from said interest, like ‘custom pottery’.

Start a Successful Campaign

With the right tools in hand, now is the time to prep your graphics and videos. There are so many more combinations of audience targeting available on social media. Managing a business is demanding work; don’t lose an opportunity to reach your audience when you run out of time. Reach out to Unstoppable Marketing Solutions to get your Facebook page on the right track.

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