Social media presence for businesses is more important today than ever before. Simply having an account or posting consistently does not always equate to conversions or engagement. Do more with your Instagram business account to reach your audience effectively. Here is how you can maximize your social media presence and business account with Instagram Insights.

Set Up Instagram Insights

To access this data tool, you need to set up a business account:

  1. Visit Settings tab via top right corner of your profile.
  2. Make your profile public. Private profiles are not eligible for business accounts.
  3. Link the account to your company’s Facebook page.
  4. Review the information to complete the business account setup

How to Access Analytics on Instagram

From the business’ profile, tap the icon of the bar chart to access overall insights. Here, you’ll see three tabs: Activity, Content and Audience. Click each tab to view in-depth data such as post reach, number of actions on page, audience demographics and post engagements broken down by each post.  

Instagram Business Settings

Use Data to Tailor Content 

How do you choose when to post a new image or story? With Instagram Insights, you are able to analyze the best times for a new post. Under ‘Audience’ tab, the social media tool breaks down the average times and days when your followers are on and most active. This simple breakdown can dramatically change the engagement rate of your profile. Under the same tab, you are also given a demographic overview of your followers by age and gender.

The ‘Content’ tab contains a compilation of posts, videos and stories from your profile. Instagram will automatically sort posts by Engagement; highest to lowest. Within each post is a breakdown of insights to help you gauge its success. The overview will include a summary of likes, comments and bookmarks. The most useful data is Discovery and Interactions.


This analysis indicates where the post was seen and by whom. Instagram insights totals the number of accounts a particular post or video reach and will also tell you how many of those account were followers or not. Discovery also includes a look at the impressions per post – the number of times the post was discovered from a particular place such as the user’s feed, your business profile or a hashtag. This sub data can help you determine the strength of your posts. From hashtags to location tags, you can use Discovery to monitor trends. For example, you can experiment with posts using the same hashtags, location, day or time to find out what is working and what is not.

Instagram Followers Stats

Prioritizing Promotions on Instagram

Using the data from Instagram, it is important to post and promote accordingly. We recommend sorting through the impressions of your posts to consider what to prioritize. For example, if your media is getting most impressions from hashtags then you may want to strategize which tags to consistently use. The best starting point is determining the type of content your audience reacts to the most. For example, how do you choose between posting more photos or more videos on Instagram? Looking at the interactions of each media coupled with its impressions data could help guide you to building a stronger Instagram profile.

Make the most of social media to engage with your target audience. Instagram Insights offers an incredible amount of data to sort through. If your business or brand is looking to refresh or begin an Instagram campaign, Unstoppable Marketing Solutions can help you reach your goals and customers. Get connected with us today!

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