Starting a new business should also include plans to create a website. Prior to publishing, SEO for a new business website should be at the forefront of your design. Search engine optimization is the practice of promoting or increasing the visibility and traffic of a website.

SEO plays a pivotal role for all businesses, whether it be an ecommerce or an informative site. Your ability to design a webpage that Google, Bing or Yahoo! rank higher has a direct correlation to the site’s traffic and sales. Especially for small business owners, a strong SEO ranking can mean the difference between success and bankruptcy. The top five search results on Google receive almost 70% of total clicks. If your site isn’t in the top five, you are already losing out on prospective clients.  

Prior to building an SEO-friendly business page, it’s important to cover White Hat versus Black Hat SEO. Before developing website content, be sure the techniques you use to gain traffic won’t get you in trouble with search engines.

Black Hat SEO focuses on appealing to search engines rather than humans. Its design goes against search engine rules and can often lead to a site getting banned. This type of SEO is mainly used by developers looking for low-quality, short-term results. The unethical technique will overload the site with common SEO features to get higher search rankings.

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Link farming
  • Hidden texts and links
  • Blog content spamming

White Hat SEO targets human visitors with unique content tailored to easily attract organic clicks. This technique promotes quality content that is both relevant and up-to-date to visitors. When building SEO for a new business website, use White Hat SEO to develop a content-rich site to get higher rankings. Some applied approaches include:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Conducting thorough research
  • Rewriting meta tags
  • Backlinking
  • Link building

Starting to create SEO for a small business can be costly. Here are some do-it-yourself SEO tips to get started:

Keyword Research

This approach suggests you take the place of your consumer for a moment. Consider the terms and phrases you want someone to type in order for them to find your site. Start typing in short and long tail keywords to see what options come up on the first page. This will help give you an idea as to what type of content people actually expect to see. Conducting keyword research also means taking a look at the competition. See what sites are on the first-page of Google and review their meta descriptions, URL and keywords. Understanding the competition and consumer is just as important as understand the search engine itself.

Build Social Media Presence

Maintaining social platforms for a new business is just as crucial as creating a website. Not only does it serve as a promotional tool, but also creates an audience for your site. Building a strong social presence will also play a part in your site’s overall search visibility. Followers serve as an additional source of traffic that can help build your site’s credibility. In addition to managing social platforms, there is also social outreach. To increase credibility and earn backlinks, we recommend building a network of social influencers to help promote your product or service. Social influencers have a lot of promotional power to gain organic shares across multiple platforms. Although time consuming, conducting outreach doesn’t always have upfront costs.

Maintain Regular Content

Keeping your website up-to-date with backups, blog posts, testimonials or new products is part of keeping a website relevant. Be careful to avoid Black Hat SEO techniques as mentioned above.Posting new content at least twice a month is recommended in order to prevent search engines considering it as spam. New or revised content gives your site a greater chance of visibility which can help lead to more traffic.

Optimizing a new website is constant work. To help get started, check out key SEO terms every beginner should know. With search engine algorithms always changing, you can be sure your site stays ahead of the competition with Unstoppable Marketing Solutions. Reach your audience faster; schedule a consultation today!

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