There are a lot of fun, creative aspects that go into building a new website. Whether it’s for a business or personal blog, it’s important to ensure the end result is a site that successfully serves your target audience. Developing a website can take quite some time with unexpected delays. For your new website, start off on the right track by avoiding these common website design mistakes.

Missing CTA (call-to-action)

One of the first things to consider when creating a website is its purpose. Who is this for? What do you want them to do when they visit your site? If your homepage doesn’t have a clear, concise call-to-action, you could be losing valuable lead generations. If a prospective customer visits your homepage and does not understand what your site is about within five seconds, your call-to-action could be weak or missing altogether. At which time, you run the risk of losing visitor interest quickly.

What does CTA look like?

Typically one of the first things you should see on a homepage, it is often a line of text or an image prompting online visitors to take a certain action. You may also see it in the form of a button to enable clients to join a newsletter, for example.

When it comes to creating your own CTA, keep it concise enough so that viewers understand the meaning of your site right away. Make sure the copy is legible and stands out among the rest.

Lack of Content

It’s important to keep your site updated regularly with information that is not only new, but also relevant to your target segments. At the same time, it’s a good idea to scroll through archives and be sure existing content is still correct. While consistent updates are great, it’s important to ensure the quality of each new piece. Too many low-quality posts can over optimize your site and run the risk of hurting your rankings by search engines. More content does not always mean higher rankings. Set a consistent schedule for new posts that will garner new visitors and keep them engaged.

Poor Layout or Navigation

As the developer, how you visualize, analyze or navigate your sitepages may be entirely different from the perspective of your customers. Don’t make the first mistake; make sure the visual elements complement the desired action you want visitors to take. Users want to get to a desired page as quickly as possible. Don’t make them scroll to the bottom for all your information. To help create a user-friendly experience, draft a visual of your homepage and draw the desired path you want to generate. Another overlooked website design element that can really take away the authenticity of your site are colors and fonts. A busy page with various fonts and contrasting colors will distract viewers from your message. It’s a good way to prevent your site from gaining conversions so make sure you have a concise theme.  

Marketing an Unfinished Website

Publishing your work is a great accomplishment. Once your URL is live, there’s excitement to share it right away. Whether your website is representing a business or personal blog, it’s crucial to be sure you send viewers your best product. Large modifications to themes, copy or photos in a short span of time can eventually take a toll on your SEO and overall professionalism. Your website can very well serve as the face of your goods or services. Don’t rush into publishing too soon if you think you need to make changes.

There’s a long checklist of do’s and don’ts when it comes to your new website design. Here at Unstoppable Marketing Solutions, we take the time to go over every aspect with you as you start this incredible task. Easily schedule a unique consulting appointment where our knowledgeable representatives can strategically build your site or simply advise on your current design.

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