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Digital Marketing Services

Marketing Plan

Create a Marketing Plan, Social Media Plan, Sales Plan, and Media Exposure Plan that aligns with the business mission, vision, and goals.

Media Exposure

Featured in podcast, magazine, and/or radio in order to share the business/ owner story and grow the business visibility.

Social Media

Teach business owners or managers how to grow each platform such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. As well as social media management to gain an organic audience.

Website Development

Create a service and commerce website that include SEO, graphic design, and content development.

About Us

Unstoppable Marketing Solutions is a family owned business. This company was created in 2018 and it is growing rapidly. One of the things that sets Unstoppable Marketing Solutions apart from the competitors is our flexible approach to business solutions. We sit down with clients to better understand their business model and tailor a customized plan. We realize not every company has the same needs or goals.

Our company works with a wide range of clients. At the moment, our clientele are working with Realtors,  Insurances, Lenders, E-commerce, and consult many other company’s. If you ever have any questions, you will find on the page our contact information, please don’t hesitate to call. 

Our mission is to empower businesses and help them connect more effectively with their intended customers.These services consist of social media management, email campaigns, generating leads, and social media covers. The Unstoppable team will do everything in their power to fulfill your business needs. We will hold your hand until the goal has been met. 


Media Exposure

What is in it for You?

Facebook, Instagram and Youtube have algorithms that increase the publicity level or reach of videos that get shares, likes and comments. For example, if we post one video interview on Facebook, it may be sent out to 300 of our #1 contacts to view on their home feed.  If that same video post gets 3-5 comments and its shared by 3 or 4 people, suddenly Facebook will share it with 500 or 800 of our #1 connections. That means your video/audio will be seen by thousands of people. This will bring more awareness to your business. You will be able to use this for your Marketing purposes and share it with your community to help build your branding and credibility. 

Meet The Team

Cristal balk-Martinez

Cristal is the Founder of Unstoppable Marketing Solutions. She holds a B.A., Organizational Management from Point Loma Nazarene University. Cristal has consulted for various companies and uses her experiences and personal relationships to get results for all her clients. She is a talented and hard working Marketer who never stops trying to bring another win for her clints. Aside from working with businesses Cristal works with non-profit and charity organizations, she is an Honorary Associate for the Marketing team. 

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Daniel martinez

Daniel is the Co-founder of Unstoppable Marketing Solutions. He holds a B.A., Economics Specialization in Quantitative Analysis from San Diego State University and a Certificate in Business Intelligence Analyst from University of California San Diego. Daniel brings a variety of experience from serving in the United States Marine Corps while also consulting for Mortgage Industries and the Government. He enjoys learning about different business models and finding solutions to solve complex issues.


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